Dei Melograni - allevamento West Highland White Terrier - Vicenza, Veneto
Breeding Westy


Beauty, health and typicality: the main qualities required of a purebred dog.

Among animals of the same race no relationships and hierarchies can be established, therefore there can be no selection either, except by comparison between subjects.

The exhibition, or recognized dog show, is therefore an important meeting point for breeders and the enthusiasts of high selection.

Here the breeder displays the result of his labour, comparing it with that of realised by other exhibitors. The best subjects acquire the certificate of aptitude at the beauty championship (Italian or foreign) and continue to compete in other competitions, until they are awarded enough CAC titles to complete the championship.

L'obbiettivo dell'allevatore, e il metro per giudicarne capacità e competenza, è la produzione di esemplari, nati nel proprio allevamento possibilmente titolato di affisso, che saranno proclamati campioni, e che a loro volta diventeranno riproduttori.


  • Well proportioned, nice head, good bone structure, well-pigmented, quite hard hair and joints, and correct angulation.

  • Nice movement, a good character, healthy mouth, sound and well-constructed teeth.

  • The tail must be properly inserted and worn with elegance.

  • The eyes are proportionate, well-positioned and well-spaced, the expression is sharp and penetrating.

This is what a West Highland White Terrier beauty champion looks like: a healthy one, which has been compared with many others and has emerged for its typicality.

For a Westie of this type and for us, breeders, the preservation of the breed is secured: we have in hand the chance to improve it or to ruin it.

A good, selected puppy that has an important genetic heritage and is the pup of champion or multi-champion parents has little in common, in fact, with those absolutely lovely and affectionate puppies that we call Westies only because they are white and have short legs.

For buyers, "being pleased" with a dog whose characteristics are not well delineated is perfectly right, but contradictory in terms of the preservation of the breed, which can be maintained and improved only by mating carefully selected subjects.

It turns out to be more harmless, considered the above, to choose a mongrel puppy.

The context in which purity, authenticity and ultimately the characteristics that make a Westie outstandingly high-level emerge, is the beauty championship. Taking part in the show, however, makes a considerable effect on the budget of the kennels, in the case of a small-medium one costs can reach 40-50%.

It must therefore be considered that the final price of a well-selected puppy with at least one champion parent allows a very little profit margin for the breeder compared to a puppy which is not selected for participating in beauty championships.


Telling in detail how to properly raise the West Highland Terrier would require the time and space of a short novel. The environment they live in, the space they need, the time we spend looking after and interacting with them in many ways; the ideal alimentation – after feeding them with dry dog food “of the best brands” for years, we came to the conclusion that nothing beats home-made fresh food -; the strict hygiene and the meticulous care given their body. And, above all, motivation and awareness in raising the breed and in trying to improve it.

But it is important, above all else, to make a clarification and a recommendation to potential future owners. The Westie is not suitable for everyone and the good breeder does not entrust their puppies to anyone. In the same way as a good owner looks for a good pup and a serious breeder, a serious and good breeder prefers to entrust their puppies to trustworthy and reliable people.

Our puppies are always accompanied by:

  • A health booklet that verifies vaccinations, deworming treatments and personal data.

  • A copy of the certificate of the canine registration.

  • Transfer of ownership completed by the local health authority (ASL).

  • Certificate of good health and a vaccination plan drawn up by the veterinarian.

  • Copy of the litter registration with ENCI.

  • Written advice for alimentation and care.

  • Last but not least, the sales document, which is equivalent to the invoice and which contains the breeder’s and the future owner’s personal and fiscal data as well as information about the puppy, including the agreed sale price.

Below we listed the guarantees for legal purposes regarding the puppy as well as the future owner’s duties towards the latter.